User Research Interviews @ SAP


  • Usability evaluation
  • User interviews with employees, managers and HRs
  • Expert reviews (2 UX Researchers)

Project Description

>> Evaluated the information architecture and overall experience of WordPress newsletter templates by interviewing end-users, identified usability issues and provided recommendations for improving the usability all internal newsletters.

>> Validated the usability and values of preliminary web concept to disseminate knowledge management best practices by conducting user interviews, resulted in a successful launch of a portal page with best practices content.

>> Evaluated the usability of proposed redesign for a Tutorial & Help portal page of internal Human Resource System, resulted in a successful launch of the new HR portal.

>> Evaluated the usability of media sharing site through expert reviews, analytics, and user interviews and provided functional and interface recommendations for short-term improvements.

Project Details

Collaborated with 1 to 2 team members including 1 UX Researcher and 1 UX Designer.